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Unlock Better Health with Personalized Medicine: We’re Your Partner in Achieving Patient-Centered Health Goals.

Comprehensive Medication Management

We look at all your medications – from prescriptions to vitamins – ensuring they’re right for you, work well together, and are safe. Let’s make a plan that’s tailored just for you, and focused on your health goals.

Comprehensive Pharmacogenomics Consultation

Ever wonder how your genes affect the way you react to medications? That’s what Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is all about! With this, we help you get medications that work best with your unique DNA, giving you better results and fewer side effects.

Nutritional Genomics Consultation

Discover the secrets of your DNA and how it affects your health and nutrition. At Care GenomiX, our programs dive deep into your genetics to give you personalized advice. Whether you’re looking to manage weight or explore other health areas, your DNA holds the key!

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