General & Service Overview:

What is Care GenomiX?2023-08-28T21:27:42-05:00

Care GenomiX offers consultancy services in personalized medicine, providing insights based on pharmacogenomics and nutrigenomics to supplement your healthcare journey.

What services do you offer?2023-08-28T21:27:45-05:00

While we don’t directly provide medical treatments, we consult on Comprehensive Medication Management, Pharmacogenomics, and Nutritional Genomics to complement your current health regimen.

Is Care GenomiX a replacement for my doctor or other healthcare providers?2023-08-28T21:27:49-05:00

No. Our services complement the advice of healthcare professionals. Always consult with your primary healthcare provider before making any decisions based on our recommendations.

Understanding the Tests:

How does Care GenomiX’s service integrate with genetic testing?2023-08-28T21:32:57-05:00

We consult on the results of genetic tests you undertake, helping you understand how your genes may interact with medications, nutrients, and more. We do not administer the tests directly.

How accurate are these tests?2023-08-28T21:33:23-05:00

The tests utilize advanced technology based on scientific research. However, they should be used as one of many tools in your health journey. Always consult a healthcare professional for comprehensive advice.

How are genetic tests different from regular blood tests?2023-08-28T21:46:25-05:00

Unlike regular blood tests that measure markers like cholesterol or blood sugar, genetic tests analyze specific regions of your DNA to determine how genes might affect your health or how you respond to medications and food.

Will the test tell me if I have a disease?2023-08-28T21:46:48-05:00

No, our tests provide insights into how your genes may influence your reactions to certain medications and foods. They don’t diagnose diseases or conditions.

Test Process & Logistics:

How do I start the testing process?2023-08-28T21:33:51-05:00

Begin by ordering through Care GenomiX or contacting us if you have questions before making an order. Once your order is placed, Care GenomiX will coordinate with our affiliated third-party lab for kit ordering or, if we have kits in stock, we might ship one directly to you.

Do I send my testing kit back to Care GenomiX?2023-08-28T21:34:10-05:00

No, the kit will come with a shipping label addressed to the third-party lab. Follow the instructions provided to return it directly to the lab.

Safety & Privacy:

How do you ensure the privacy of my genetic data?2023-08-28T21:34:33-05:00

We prioritize your privacy and follow all data protection guidelines. Our role is in consultation, and we only access the data you permit us to view.

Is my genetic data safe with you?2023-08-28T22:02:16-05:00

Your genetic data’s safety is paramount to us. Care GenomiX does not have access to your sample or genetic data. We do not store your genetic information. When you provide your sample, the lab exclusively processes it. After analysis, the lab provides us with written results that we share with you and other healthcare professionals with your explicit consent.

How long do you keep my data?2023-08-28T21:48:37-05:00

We retain your data for the duration required to provide our services and adhere to legal and regulatory obligations. You can request deletion of your data at any time by emailing us at info@caregenomix.com

Results Interpretation:

How will I receive my results?2023-08-28T21:45:02-05:00

Once the third-party lab processes your sample, we’ll consult with you on the findings via a secure online portal, video chat, or a phone call.

Can I share these results with my physician?2023-08-28T22:04:51-05:00

Yes, and we encourage you to do so. Sharing your results with your healthcare provider can provide them with valuable insights to offer more personalized advice. Additionally, at Care GenomiX, we can share your results directly with your providers on your behalf, if you consent to it. Ensuring that your entire healthcare team is informed can lead to better collaborative care and optimized wellness strategies.

Return & Refund Policy:

What if there’s an issue with my test kit?2023-08-28T21:35:36-05:00

If there’s any concern with the kit, please contact Care GenomiX directly. We will address the issue and liaise with the third-party lab as needed.

What if my test kit is damaged when I receive it?2023-08-28T22:06:14-05:00

If your kit arrives damaged, please get in touch with us at info@caregenomix.com. We will arrange for a replacement kit to be sent to you.

Can I get a refund after sending my sample?2023-08-28T22:22:31-05:00

Due to the nature of our consultancy services, all sales are final regardless of whether the sample is processed or not. However, if your kit arrives damaged, please get in touch with us at info@caregenomix.com. We will arrange for a replacement kit to be sent to you. Please review our detailed Return & Refund Policy on our website for more information.

Partnerships & Collaborations:

I am a healthcare provider. How can I collaborate with Care GenomiX?2023-08-28T22:26:31-05:00

We’re always open to collaborations! Please visit our “For Providers” page or contact us directly to learn more about potential partnership opportunities.

Do you offer affiliate programs?2023-08-28T22:26:37-05:00

To learn more about our affiliate programs and explore partnership opportunities, please visit our “For Providers” page or contact us directly for more details.

Technical & Support:

What if I have further questions about my results?2023-08-28T21:36:59-05:00

Our pharmacist consultants are here to discuss the findings and provide recommendations. However, note that we do not have prescriptive authority. Always consult with your primary healthcare provider.

Updates & Future Interactions:

Will I be informed about relevant updates related to my genetic data in the future?2023-08-28T21:37:23-05:00

With your consent, we aim to keep you updated on any significant findings or advances related to your results.

How can I stay connected for future interactions and updates?2023-08-28T21:55:16-05:00

We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates on new scientific findings, innovative wellness strategies, and exciting developments in the field of genetics. You can also follow us on social media to stay engaged with our community and receive timely updates.

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